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DUI / Drug Possession

Are you deciding whether to hire an attorney for a DUI, APC or any number of drug charges? Here are some questions that you might want to ask.

Personal Injury Law

Wyant Law Firm believes in protecting the rights of people who have sustained serious injuries.

  • A criminal record of any kind can negatively affect you in several ways other than just making it difficult to obtain employment.

  • Just because your criminal case might have been expunged and is no longer visible on Oklahoma Supreme Court Network or On Demand Court Records as a result of a deferred sentence, it doesn’t mean that it has been expunged from any other records or for any other purposes.  

  • If you are interested in discussing the various options that are available to address a prior criminal record, or even a prior protective order, the Wyant Law Firm can assist you.

  • As a member of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association’s Legislative Committee, Eddie Wyant assisted in drafting the final language of the current law regarding expungements of criminal records.

  • From his years serving as a prosecutor, Eddie Wyant knows exactly what criminal records are available for the public as well as law enforcement.  He can explain the benefits of either an expungement of your record or a pardon from the Governor, which is also known as executive clemency.

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Criminal Law

If you have been arrested, charged or are being investigated for a criminal offense, it is imperative that you pursue the trustworthy legal guidance you deserve.

Expungements and Pardons